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Meet Holly

Food Blogger

Hi there! I believe your children are your greatest teachers. Mine taught me about the gut-brain connection when one of my daughters, who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, got better when we improved her gut health with diet and fermented foods and drinks. I watched her transform into a completely different child and it all began in the kitchen. When there were improvements in her gut, it affected her autism symptoms. I started out feeding my children what I thought was healthy food but it was actually the SAD (standard american diet), only buying processed foods and barely able to boil water! I am not a doctor, a health expert or nutritionist. I'm just a mom that is so grateful to see my child happy, social and flourishing that I wanted to pass along our story, in case it helps anyone else. Each body is different so not everything we did will work for everyone on the spectrum, but I believe only good things will come from eating a healthier diet and taking care of your microbiome!

Tula before the diet

Tula with a healthier microbiome

tula smile cocoyo.jpeg
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