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The power of kefir

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

During this die-off from the coconut kefir, Tula became quite constipated and we knew it was important to keep the bowels moving. We found that epsom salts in the bath helped quite a bit, and I would have considered colonics if it had gotten much worse. Now she began passing gas all the time, and when it started, I realized I had never heard her pass gas before! I honestly don’t think the coconut kefir would have worked so well had we not given up the sugars and high-glycemic carbs. We were literally overcrowding her body with good bacteria and at the same time starving off the yeast.

After a few weeks of being on the kefir and having these horrific die-offs, the most amazing thing happened. She started talking more. A lot more! And her eye contact improved exponentially! Tula actually started talking about her “owie” tummy and how she has always had stomach aches. Tula had die-offs before with the anti-fungals but never had this much improvement. We were on the right track! Finally! She continued taking the kefir in the syringe but slowly we decreased the cookie until she was only drinking the kefir. I needed to start cooking and scoured the internet for recipes that she could eat.

I was being introduced to foods I'd never heard of before because of this diet. The Body Ecology Diet book had so much information and included recipes for quinoa, millet, and amaranth. And seaweed! Who knew there were so many different kinds of edible algae so rich with nutrients? I found that coconut oil was a natural anti-fungal, and sprouting was introduced to our diets by soaking grains and nuts to rid them of phytic acid, as it leaches minerals from the body and interferes with digestion. (I would soak my grains overnight or you can buy them sprouted.) I was learning about alkaline vs. acidic foods and proper food combining (avoiding pairing animal protein with a starchy vegetable or grain in the same meal).

I was finding enough recipes online and from the book to get started. Then the thought crossed my mind...what was I going to do about birthday parties and holidays with no sweets? I was somewhat thankful that Tula wasn’t getting invited to many parties so I wouldn’t have to worry about that just yet. This was so much more than a diet; this was a new lifestyle!

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